Video Play: Raqs-e- Janan
Duration: 58 minutes
Directed by: Sheema Kermani
Cast: Sheema Kermani, Arif Abrar, Shandana Minhas

An intriguing and mysterious tale of love and nostalgia about a famous dancer and her relationship with a painter.
The play was shot entirely on location in and around the beautiful valleys and mountains of Northern Pakistan.

Video Play: Tum Meray Pass raho
Duration: 85 minutes
Cast: Sheema Kermani, Khalid Ahmad
Directed by: Khalid Ahmad

This play describes the life of a female paediatrician and one of her child patients who is dying of AIDS. Her emotional attachment to the sick child makes her rebel against the crass and bureaucratic behaviour of her colleagues at the hospital and also creates stresses, which almost break up her marriage. The play highlights many misconceptions, even among people of the medical profession, regarding HIV-AIDS.

Video Play: Guzar jaegi Raat
Duration: 85 minutes
Cast: Rubina Ashraf, Akber Subhani, and Sheema Kermani
Directed by: Khalid Ahmad

The story revolves around a female community health worker who decides to help the women of her community by setting up a Health Clinic. The play suggests that mental health problems should be looked into by professionally qualified psychiatrics rather than be treated by obscurantist Peers.

Video Play: Manzilein Aur bhi
Duration: 85 minutes
Cast: Sajid Hasan, Sheema Kermani
Directed by: Khalid Ahmad

This is a story of a woman teacher, who faces various problems because of her independent nature, both at work, and at home. She falls in love with an educated but unemployed man who betrays her by preferring a marriage of convenience. She finally decides that her own independence will give her more happiness than an unsuitable marriage.

Video Play: Saibaan
Duration: 50 minutes
Cast: Sheema Kermani, Jahanzeb Gurchani, Ehteshamuddin, Javeria Jalil
Directed by: Anwer Jafri

The play is about the traumatic effects of Rape on the victims. The protagonist, Ayesha owns and edits a magazine, and also runs a shelter-home for rape victims, where they are provided therapy to make them overcome the emotional trauma. Ayesha, herself is constantly haunted by her own experience of 25 years ago, passionately gets involved with every woman who comes to "Saibaan", the shelter-home. The play ends on a positive note of hope that women will form their own solidarity and support each other to move forward and achieve their rightful place of dignity in society.