Series: Aapas Ki Baatain
Duration: 107 minutes
Directed by: Anwer Jafri

This series of six plays is based on various issues of reproductive health. The technique of drama is used to convey educational and instructive information, thus viewers’ interest is kept alive.

Duration 19 minutes

This story deals with the issue of child abuse and its far-reaching psychological effects on the victim. The importance of parental guidance is highlighted.

Sadia Bari Ho Gaee
Duration 19 minutes

In this story we are conveyed the problems and trauma that young girls encounter when their menstrual cycle begins and how their family and teachers may help the child.

Sakeena Ab Parhay Gee
Duration 14 minutes

A mother stands up to protect her young daughter who is facing the dire prospect of being married away at a very young age. The woman and her young son courageously oppose the patriarch against the custom of early marriage.

Mardangee Ka Taqaza
Duration 18 minutes

The life of a newly wed couple is made difficult by all relatives and friends, only because they decide not to have children immediately after marriage. After much struggle and heartache, finally, the elders in the family come to understand and appreciate the wisdom of the young couple. In this video, the right of women to choose the method of family planning is also highlighted.

Nasir Ki Peraishani
Duration 17 minutes

A boy reaching adolescence, falls victim to an acute feeling of guilt because he is led to believe that masturbation is not only sinful but may also cause incurable diseases, even loss of eye-sight! He is almost driven to commit suicide. Luckily his elder cousin comes to his help and makes him understand otherwise. The video drives home the necessity of parental guidance required at a tender age.

Chotee See Ghalatee
Duration 20 minutes

This video deals with the issue of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, especially HIV-AIDS. It also clarifies and addresses many misconceptions about the ways a person may contract the HIV-AIDS virus.

Serial: Faisla
Duration: 300 minutes
Cast: Nadia Jameel, Ayesha Saqib, Munawar Saeed, Adnan Jilani, Nida Kazmi
Directed by: Khalid Ahmad

The issue of Patriarchy and the right to choose a marriage partner are dealt with in this highly dramatic serial. The story revolves around an upper-middle class family and their poor cousins, who have been deprived of their rightful share in the family fortunes through the designs of a scheming uncle who rules over his family like a typical patriarch. A woman who happens to be his daughter-in-law finally challenges his authority in the courtroom.

Mini Serial: Aab-o-Saraab
Duration: 180 minutes
Cast: Hafeez Fatima, Shandana Minhas, Khalid Ahmad, Sheema Kermani.
Directed by: Sheema Kermani and Nasir Teherany

Shot entirely on location in Thar, Aab-o-Saraab is about the frustrated instinct of motherhood; a problem which is shared by many women who find that they are unable to get pregnant. This theme of fertility and sterility, of life and death, is interwoven with another story of the woman who finds herself in a very oppressive marriage, and after many years of putting up with it finally finds the strength within herself to walk out.