Documentary: Equal Wage Ordinance - will it make a difference?
Duration: 60 minutes
Directed by: Sheema Kermani and Anwer Jafri

This documentary looks into “Convention 100” of ILO (International Labour Organisation) that has been ratified by the Government of Pakistan. It analyses problems related to the status of working women in Pakistan.

Documentary Series: Profiles of Courage
Duration: 110 minutes
Directed by: Sheema Kermani

These are 10 to 14 minutes video sketches of ten extraordinary low-income self-employed women who are inspiring role models of bravery and courage.
Each episode projects their life and struggle.

Documentary Series: Profiles of Women Councillors
Duration: 112 minutes
Directed by: Sheema Kermani

A series of nine short documentaries of 10 to 15 minutes each, highlighting the struggle and achievements of women who have taken part in “Local Bodies” politics and become councillors. The hurdles and resistance they face during the effort to serve their electorate are depicted in this video series.

Documentary: Mobile Theatre
Duration: 30 minutes
Directed by: Khalid Ahmad

This documentary traces the journey of the Community Theatre of Tehrik-e-Niswan.It shows glimpses of their street theatre performances, and highlights the importance of cultural activity in the community. It was selected to be shown at the South Asia Documentary Film Festival at Kathmandu.

Music Video: Aseer Shehzadi
Duration: 6 minutes
Directed by: Sheema Kermani and Anwer Jafri

Based on a poem by Fehmida Riaz depicting the cruel age-old customs that oppress women and sung by Tina Sani. The video ends on a note of hope that the new generation of women will finally free themselves.