8th May: Anti-Taliban Meeting at Press Club

Tehrik e Niswan participated in a meeting against Talibanisation at the Press Club on Friday May 8, 2009. Members of Women's organisations also attended, and particpants were particularly privileged to hear the special guest of the evening, Arundhati Roy speak at the occasion.

Sheema Kermani of Tehrik-e-Niswan was invited to speak on the occasion but she opted for a performance, as she feels that drama has a much stronger effect than making a speech. Tehrik e Niswan devised and presented a Dance Theatre, especially created for the occasion, titled "We the Women". It was performed by Sheema Kermani along with two of her dance students Huma Naz and Nida Akram and was based around the theme of women and the veil. It incorporated the very powerful poem by Fehmida Riaz "Chaddor aur Chardivari"

At the end of the performance members of Tehrik sang Faiz Saheb's famous nazm 'Hum dainkhain gain" and all those who were present joined in the singing. All in all it was a very charged and powerful performance presented by Tehrik-e-Niswan.

We are priveleged that Ms Arundhati Roy made a special gesture of appreciation for the dance and its relevance to our times.

Photographs and a video of the event have been added onTehrik's page on FB.