The aim of Tehrik-e-Niswan is to struggle for women's rights with the following objectives:

To create awareness and change moral attitudes:
We feel that the first step in the direction of attainment of women's rights must be the comprehension and understanding of their problems, and bringing about, among all sections of the society, an awareness of their rights. Amongst other methods of spreading consciousness, we feel that it is extremely important to employ artistic means such as film, theatre and video.

Our society is largely illiterate and access to formal education is extremely restricted. In a society such as this, lectures, seminars and papers have limited usefulness. Popular media have a far wider appeal.

We feel that the fight for women's rights has to be conducted not only at the legal and political level, which other organisations are already doing, but also at the level of moral attitudes, emotional responses and values. No change can be meaningful and lasting unless it takes place at the emotional level as well. And this can best be carried out through artistic means.

To fight obscurantism:
Tehrik-e-Niswan realises that the women's movement can only be carried forward and succeed if it is seen as part of the overall fight against religious narrow mindedness and bigotry. Since women are the worst hit by these rising trends they should be in the forefront of this fight. This being a cultural fight needs to be fought through cultural means.

To provide a cultural outlet for youth:
We feel that the absence of any kind of cultural outlet is one of the main reasons for the spread of drugs and violence and the social degradation of our youth, hence, the need to provide opportunities for creative expression.

To promote cultural expression at a community level:
In spite of all the censorship that exists, theatre has a relative freedom as compared to the state controlled media such as radio and television, which often promote ideas detrimental to women's progress and freedom. Theatre has an amazing adaptability and the capacity to continue with extremely meagre resources. Once it has taken root in the people, it can be organised on a self help basis at a community level, thus providing an alternative platform for self expression, questioning, and discussion of personal and community issues. It can also serve the NGOs as a tool for putting across their messages about health, family planning or environment.

To set up a cultural centre for women:
Tehrik-e-Niswan wishes to set up a permanent cultural centre which will house a training academy for dance, drama and music, and a performing space. This will also include a bookshop which will specialise in books on women, and a coffee shop. The idea is to create a venue where women can come and spend time, meet friends and exchange ideas and experiences freely. No such place exists in the city of Karachi (or in the country for that matter) where women can visit and spend time on their own without being made to feel either tense or self-conscious about it.